Friday, May 14, 2010

...goodbye to my 4th grade friends...

Well, student teaching ended.  It was a crazy 16 weeks but I made it...AND graduated college! :)
A picture to sum it words needed.
I learned so much from these sweet sweet friends....they were SO much fun. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"get it"

So.....Im going to claim to be an "occasional blogger". I really have failed at this little game...darn. Time goes by SO fast and things seem to change even faster. Do you ever wonder how many times something has to happen before you "learn your lesson" or get it? Sometimes I wonder that when I am many MORE ways can I say 2.35 less than 6? I get frustrated so easily sometimes...WHY can't this kid understand this....I don't know how else to explain it. But I am learning as a teacher and in life too.

I've been learning....a lot. How many times do things in my life "work out fine" before I get it? With all of the changes coming up I am just one big ball of stress, anxiety, worry and I "DO" constantly in hopes of controlling all these uncertain situations in my life. Where will I live? Who will I live with? Will I get a job? Where will it be? What if I hate it? Will I have time for EVERYTHING? and this list goes FOR EV ER!!! And this is where I learn about trust. It's been so awesome lately to look back at every situation in my life and see that God has cared for me and that everything has "worked out fine". It's even becoming a little exciting- I know it's going to all work out but I just don't know exactly how yet. :) nothing wrong with a little mystery and adventure- i like that.

Student teaching has been nuts! 4th graders are SO crazy and SO fun! You know the situations where you're laughing uncontrollably at something when you shouldn't be laughing at all and then you can't stop and it's just really inappropriate? Well- this happens to me probably twice a week at school. I dont know that its a good thing- but hey! there is nothing wrong with a little laughter and boyyyy do those 4th graders bring it daily. Lets just say that wearing goggles is a new 4th grade fad. Try taking that seriously! Yesterday all of my 4th graders were laughing uncontrollably so hard that I was crying (from laughing so hard)- learning number sentences had never been so hilarious until yesterday.

I feel like there is so much happening in my classroom too- its so cool to see how far a little love and encouragement can go. I think I'm going to like teaching- but there are a lot of random serious teaching things that are frustrating sometimes.

....I'm just excited.

Finally club has picked back up agian after 100000 snow days! Camp sign ups are rockin....I watched one of the sweetest girls get egged last are hearing truth and learning. I think I have a thing for watching people learn stuff and "get it". When it comes to real truth- its the best ever. ....our lives are a true reflection of what we "get". a true and real reflection....

good night blogger friends.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a picture of my holiday

Well...just as I thought my fear of blog failure became a reality.  I can't use the excuse of being too busy because that really hasn't been the case.  I guess I just haven't made the time.  Bummer....  Lots of fun things have been happening though!  I could probably write 12 individual blogs for all of them but I will tie it in to one brief one with pictures:) ENJOY~ haha

First it was my birthday and I finally got a new camera!  It's really fun- and I secretly want to become a photographer so if you have any tips you can comment :)

  Lets see... I finished up school (for the semester)- Praise God!  I don't think there is a much better feeling that knowing that you don't have school hanging over your head constnatly. 

Last Thursday night I celebrated Christmas with my bible study with a lovely dinner and Christmas Ornament exchange!  We ate at Saul Good...Breakfast for dinner--i think i have craved it every day since.  no lie! 

yes- we are secretly gangsters.  LOVE YOU GIRLS!

 After finishing the semester in Lexington I finally made the move back up to NKY for the holiday! yay!
Saturday night Donielle and I spent the night with the greatest little bundle of joy while Micah and Angie went to a wedding.  He was so fun!  Donielle and I fought over who would hold him because we all know that she is a baby hogger.  Anyway-while we watched him we might have had a photo shoot with my new camera...
precious :) know u wanna hold him. He is the best cuddler- ever.


Another real cute kid-went to visit one of my really super close family friends and her kids.   Her daughter Allison is absolutely hilarous.  We swapped gifts....and then had a photo shoot (duh!) She watches Hannah Montanna and has clearly learned a lot....
...If for some strange reason I don't become a teacher I think i would like to take pictures of kids all day.  It's the best.

Side note: Prior to this visit with my little friend I attended a weight lifting class with my mom at her gym called "Power".  IT WAS AWFUL three days later and my arms still hurt to touch.  It hurts to brush my teeth.  Not good. My mom whooped my butt.

Last night was a fun little ladies night thanks to Hillary :) She had us at her house for a nice little Christmas gathering.  Her new house is so cute :) We had a delicous warm bowl of potatoe soup and salad and hung out witha few old friends..and I might have tried to convince her to start a blog. awe (check out those self timer skills.) 

I just love the holidays and I am so thankful to be home with friends and family :) yay! favorite place to sit at home :) right by the fire. 



Friday, December 11, 2009

a visit with my small friends.

Well....for the those of you who don't know.  I have spent five weeks of this past semester at a practicum in a 3rd grade classroom.  This wasn't just any old 3rd grade classroom it was a QUEST classroom of 24 highly gifted little 3rd graders.  Can you say intimidating? I was so not excited because I knew these little buggers would be even smarter than me.  I must admit...I LOVED IT!!!  The teacher I was placed with was absolutely amazing....I could not have asked for anything better.  And the kids...oh the kids.
     I just walked in from visiting them this morning!  What a treat!  They didn't know that I was coming, so it was a surprise!!  When they saw me you would have thought it was Christmas morning....or that it hadbeen 5 years since we had last seen eachother.  With one giant gasp and a unison MS. KENNEY!!! I was greeted by 24 little friends.  I sorta felt famous.
    They spent time going around the room and Catching me up to date with what had been going on since I left....Here is what I had missed :

Joe: I finally finished the draft of my How to Article....(How to stop being angry)- I hope I get to read this one!

Kevin: My Uncle Nick is coming in for Christmas

BJ: Some peoeple have been pulling a lot of tickets (and then proceeded to list of everyone who had pulled a ticket for today)

Helen: Bushy (the squirrel outside the window) has been here a lot this week and he fell off the bird feeder.

Stephanie: umm....Ms. Kenney I have a question "where have you been"? 

Joe 2nd comment: (smiles) look!  I got my braces i have a retainer but im not wearing it today because last night I threw it away and so we had to do a dumpster dive.  My mom is soaking it in baking soda.

Eleanor: I joined Kumon (a program to get extra special help on super cool math)....only in QUEST. :)

Chloe: We went to see the Best Christmas Pageant Ever!!! (i wish i was in 3rd grade again)

Nick:  Do you think that you could teach our class when Mrs. Watson retires?

I didn't get to hear from Erik becaues he was crying at his desk :( (he is one of my favorites)

Ohhh how all of their precious little comments brought real joy to my heart.  I love them all.  They all wanted my e mail address- even though I had already previously given it to them.  I don't think they really even use their e-mail!   I hope I get some comical ones...I will be sure to blog about them! 

Before I left Mrs. Watson told them that Monday was my birthday.   The class immediately broke out in song...oooo my :)  Nick ran to me before I left and had already made me card.  It was a piece of notebook paper that said: Happy Birthday Mrs. (scratched out) Ms. Kenney.  Feeling famous once again. 

I wish I could hangout with them forever.  They are just funny.

the soft ones...

     I just thought of something rather random.'s extremley random.  It's about mints.  Wintergreen Life Saver mints to be exact.  I love them!  They are so can smell them right when you open the bag.  I don't really treat them as mints...more like hmm...potato chips eating one right after the other. 
     But there is one thing about eating these little cirlces of minty whiteness that I love... the soft ones!  Call me crazy but there are always a few in every bag.  They're rare but make me so happy!  It's like opening a gift on Christmas! I have no other descriptions for these rare friends besides..... soft. thats it.  I wonder if they are stale- I can't figure out what makes them softer- I've always wondered!
     I wish that you could buy a bag of the soft ones.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I guess I'm ready...

Well...I've been contemplating for a few days now. But the decision has been made. I guess I am officially a blogger. I am feeling quite frustrated already as I attempt to learn how this whole blogging thing works.
Allow me to be completely honest...I made fun of my good friend Carli when she started her blog- then I got jealous. I still don't have a cool name for my blog- but Carli says it will come...I'm waiting. I feel excited about this new "electronic journal". I will get to write about all of the random, funny, exciting and average things about my life. I am also slightly fearful of abandoning my blog. Hopefully I will have enough fun writing that this will become a habit...sort of like brushing my teeth? No? well...LET THE BLOGGING BEGIN!